Ben Page, CEO at IPSOS, the global Market Research agency says that the pay gaps in his organisation are due to an under-representation of women and ethnic minorities at senior levels, which he says is unacceptable.

How inspiring and refreshing to see a business leader identify the problem and take action to address it. The gender pay gap in the UK is practically zero until the age of 39. Then it widens, demonstrating the different life choices and challenges faced by genders. 

Aspire is a tiny company when compared to IPSOS but it hasn't stopped us from surveying our staff to identify gaps in diversity, which is why we have a D&I Taskforce who have set targets and timescales for our business to achieve a balanced and equal workforce. It's complex, and not easy, and we are learning on the job. Most importantly, like IPSOS, we are publicly committed.

If all companies took positive action towards diversity, society in general would improve at a much faster pace. As always, actions are louder than words.