MORI's research into 20,000 18-34-year-olds across the G20 showed that the UK is the most attractive country. The research conducted in June 2020 coincided with lockdown 1.0, the month that would have been Glastonbury and an uncertain future as Covid-19 took hold.

Charles Vallance, Chairman of advertising agency VCCP, is right to point out that the world may have a more positive view of the UK than our own citizens as we are often self-deprecating and find things that are wrong without acknowledging what is great. 

The current crisis is a good example. The media is full of what the problems are. They even find problems when there is a positive. We have created a vaccine with breathtaking speed but complain that it can't be rolled out perfectly to everyone quickly enough. If anyone took a moment to understand the complex logistics of such a rollout that has never been done before, we would marvel at its success, not seek to find problems. How the NHS has been coping with the pandemic is nothing short of a miracle, yet we find reasons to complain that we are not getting the service we want.

The UK is the most attractive country in the G20 but maybe it's our own citizens that don't appreciate it and maybe that is framed by negative media commentary. Maybe it's time to talk the UK up, identify all the positives to give some balance, and that will generate confidence which will create energy and enthusiasm which will boost entrepreneurial spirit, create jobs and futures.

Time to be positive Britain, Brand Britain can thrive, we can do this!