The Ageist Briton report published last summer found that more than a third of people surveyed said they had discriminated against others because of their age.

Discrimination includes harassment such as people making jokes about someone's age or comments made about the age of someone you associate with.

So the report shows that two-thirds of the people surveyed lied as they are unaware that they are discriminating. The other third were aware.

It swings both ways. "You are too young to understand that" or "you can't teach an old dog new tricks" are frequently used phrases.

I am guilty of using the term 'millennials' sometimes in a derogatory way. It's discrimination of an identifiable group. I don't refer to people using their skin colour, ethnicity or sex, so why do people accept a phrase such "the trouble with millennials is..."

The fact is society is ageist and in the workplace, it discriminates against entry-level employees and those over 50. It's mad when we have a massive skills shortage.

We need to eradicate our bias, be more inclusive and create workplaces that reflect the communities we are located in.

That requires change and people are fearful of change and prefer to sit in their comfort zone. Those who grasp the challenge will naturally succeed much faster than those that don't.