My role, understanding workplace trends and attitudes to work is critical to ensuring that companies hire and retain people. In a recent report, it was suggested that experiencing joy at work is key to giving employees and a sense of purpose and therefore increases their engagement.

Certainly, in my experience as a manager and as a recruiter, I can confirm that when staff feel the three components of joy; harmony, impact and acknowledgement; then they are more engaged and committed to their role.

Harmony is experienced by having a cohesive team working together without friction. Certainly, in high performing teams, I have managed and known, teams, where everyone is rooting for each other, get better results. 

Impact - well this is the performance piece! If your team is performing, achieving and overachieving, this promotes joyful feelings! It's well documented that when selling managers are over-performing they are also more engaging leaders. 

Crucially, acknowledgement - sing your team's praises, recognise your MVP's but also those who contributed to the win. Recognition for a job well done and feeling like what you do matters is key to ensuring that joy is felt.