I recall writing this short post a few years ago, yet the premise still appears to ring true for the IP market in 2020, but perhaps things might be changing...

The patent and trademark profession can present some challenges in terms of recruitment and retention, as it often appears to be flooded with lots of similar jobs, but on the flip-side, a genuine paucity of attorneys looking to move between firms. 

It's fair to say that some attorneys tread with caution when it comes to executing their own job searches, but that comes with the territory of a small profession of course. Why move jobs when it's much easier to stick with what you know, right?

Have you ever thought to yourself, "The right job will come to me when I'm ready"  or perhaps, "I'm not looking to leave, it would have to be something special to entice me away." 

Candidates have many individual reasons for looking to move jobs (perceived lack of progression, insufficient workloads, feeling undervalued, low morale, pressure on team etc), but it only takes one step forward to try and change that.

Once you've decided you want to step into the market (ooh, scary!), where do you even start? It might appear daunting, but the time spent speaking to a specialist recruiter about your sector will provide you with intel about what firms are actually looking for, and how you can dovetail your experience and qualifications in the best possible way.

Keep your mind open though. Don't close yourself off to the opportunities that are out there right now.  The most proactive attorneys start by dipping their toe in the water, and before long, they've dived right in securing two to three job offers they didn't think possible.

Ever been a bit envious of the colleague who moved to pastures new recently? Chances are they started their job search 3 months ago...so what's stopping you now?