I suppose I should make a small disclaimer to start with. I am not, nor do I claim to be a brilliant writer/copywriter/content professional. However, I have been working in the wonderful world of Recruitment for nearly 8 Years and I have seen many, many, many CVs. Some have been fantastic and showcase real creativity; some look like the individual gave up caring midway through.

Now, the latter from my above point is why I’m creating this post. I specialise in Content & Editorial; a sector that is known for its excellent grammar, brilliant English & creativity to engage audiences around the world. So WHY do I regularly receive CVs that are just not up to scratch? If you are a Content Professional or a Copywriter, a CV is your platform to shine and tell an employer: ‘This is why you should hire me!’. Far too often I get sent CVs that are all over the place, and just do not look aesthetically pleasing – after that, it’s all downhill from there.

See below some key things you should absolutely make sure are on your CV, or not on your CV.

  • Your CV should ideally be in a PDF Format. If it isn’t (which is fine), then make sure the formatting and layout is clean, precise & accurate.
  • Include a portfolio or a link to samples. Make sure the link works too. This includes your socials.
  • Please do not write paragraph after paragraph of your day to day responsibilities. Detailed bullet points focusing on the key things you work on is perfect. After the third sentence, the client will get bored and will hit that big red X in the top right corner.
  • Be creative with your CV. Maybe include a pop of colour. You don’t need to go wild but a black and white CV in Times New Roman is so 2008. Don’t get me started on Comic Sans.
  • Your CV should be 2 pages MAXIMUM. Simple. (Sometimes okay if longer but make sure it’s to the point).
  • Only include relevant experience – If you’re a junior candidate then it’s absolutely fine to include any work experience during Uni for example, but I would advise removing the barista job you did back in 2002.
  • We don’t need your blood type, time of birth or marital status. Just your name & contact information is fine.
  • I think this one should go without saying, but use spellcheck or get someone to proof!
  • Finally, ensure there are no obvious grammatical errors. As a content professional this is your bread & butter and will not help with job applications if you can’t get that right.

I really hope this post helps as trust me, I am just as invested in your job search as you! But without a cracking CV to begin with, that’s where the challenges begin.

Let me know if you need any help with your CV.