With adverts reaching consumers left-right, and centre, it's hardly a surprise that the advertising industry is suffering as a result of its own efforts. 

The idea that people are preferring to pay not to watch adverts, for example, is a very true case for today, and as the values of newer generations change, this couldn't be more valid. 

With my 'consumer hat' on I look forward to having more control over when and what we see. But I can also imagine that, for the consumer to be in control, the advertising industry needs to keep up with advanced technologies such as the ever-spoken of, AI. 

So, should advertisers only produce what people want to see? How then will they persuade people to buy products or venture out to something new? Marketers are forever looking to stand out after all.

I'm definitely intrigued what people think about the model of advertising in the next 5-10 years? How would you prefer to see adverts if at all?