Linkedin has long been considered the social platform of the professional world. It is filled with job seekers, recruiters and groups of professionals, and is a crucial networking platform that is used by millions everyday. Yet, it has always taken a back seat in mainstream culture compared to other social media platforms, because it is often perceived as a site restricted to working hours and a formal atmosphere. It has been viewed as lacking the warmth, humour and colloquialism that one may find on Instagram or Twitter, for instance.

However, Linkedin's newest advertising campaign appears to be on a mission to change any uptight image the site may have, without infringing on its traditional professionalism. It features real users of the site, who come from a wide range of ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds. Each provides a personal insight into why they are using the site; one of the more noticeable of these is one man’s discussion of his redundancy. It is a truly personal moment, and connects to each of us who have struggled to find a job.

The Drum's discussion of this advertisement quotes Ngaire Moyes, Senior Director, Brand and Communications, at LinkedIn EMEA, who explains that such a moment summarises the campaign’s aim; to bring humanity to a professional platform:

"This campaign continues to build on our In It Together brand work that sought to create a new, warmer, more human feel with our members at its heart. We’re excited to shine a light on some of these stories in this latest iteration of the campaign in the UK… As LinkedIn’s first UK TV campaign, we feel like it’s a great introduction for the brand in a category so often devoid of warmth and humanity.”