This happens a lot in business. Take a job interview; the Hiring manager asks questions and probes for examples along with proof and references. Yet we all know that the same hiring managers would struggle under the same interrogation. There is strange hypocrisy at work.

Watch the video and see Rachel Reeves MP interrogate the ex-boss of Thomas Cook about whether his 2017 bonus will be clawed back to benefit creditors of the failed travel company.

With just a little bit of research, you will find that in 2016 the interrogator, Rachel Reeves, was working for HBOS. I wonder if she was paid a bonus. Think it's highly likely she was. Of course, the Government, or rather the taxpayer, had to bail out the banks, including HBOS a couple of years later. I wonder if she asked herself the same question she posed to Peter Fankhauser.

To an extent, we are all hypocrites. Would any of us give back any bonuses we earned over two years ago? 

Never the less it is good to see leaders of major companies brought to account in public.