Starting any business isn't easy and as the enterprise starts growing it can be a victim of its own success. In Revoluts case I can speak from personal experience. Revolut is a digital bank for free international money transfer and fee-free global payments. Neat idea. But literally everything is online. There are humans but they sit behind online chat (unless it's a bot). When they built their business plan they seem to have ignored the customer experience from a practical level. Naturally, to start an account you have to justify the authenticity of the funds to counteract money laundering. They need people for that and we're pretty quick to verify the account as clearly keen to gain the customer. However, if you have not invested in enough people, as your business grows that process slows down. The result is that Revolut is holding peoples money with no form of communication available to the customer other than a difficult to find mobile app chat option that doesn't respond. In fact, right now says it will take 72 hours to locate an agent to respond. The same message as a week ago. You call the phone number via Google and it is a recorded message telling the customer they are very important and all the communications are in the app. Yes, the app that has a chat option with no chat. Any potential customer would do well to read the Google reviews including mine, something I do rarely but money is emotive and people need to be warned.

All this could be avoided by considering the customer experience from a human emotional p.o.v rather than a pure growth, profit or tech viewpoint and by ensuring enough investment went into the back office to carry out the background checks quickly. Over a week and I still can't access my account or speak to anyone. If I try and transfer the money that was already in my account and therefore the sources checked, I can't recover them. Revolut has them captive with no obligation to communicate.

It may end up being one of those famous business lessons about managing growth in a startup. The lesson is to look at it from a customer experience p.o.v and ensure the talent is hired to satisfy that experience before growing too fast. 

Also, check your own reviews and your LinkedIn messages - you may learn what your customers think.