Sometimes I speak to candidates, both male and female, looking desperately for some flexibility in their new role, be this a temporary or permanent position. If you've recently become a parent or you want to spend as much time with your child during their younger years, figuring out how your career can work around that can be a nightmare. 

While sitting on a freelance/temp only desk, I frequently have new parents come to me for short term contracts in their chosen field, be this sales, management, production or marketing. 

Some companies struggle to understand that the needs of their employees change drastically when they become parents, driving these employees to make drastic career changes. Appointment? Work from home. Busy spell? Give yourself a gap in contracts. Kids holiday? Short term FTC. 

If having summer off to spend with your children, or being at home when they come home from school, giving your partner some time to relax while you look after your little'uns is important to you, why not consider freelancing? 

Clients and candidates alike may not be aware that at Aspire we help to place freelancers and short term staff members within the Events industry, along with Marketing, Creative, Data and various other sectors. 

Give us a shout if freelancing is something you want to explore!