I can see the practicalities of video interviewing, in fact, we are slowly exploring how VTech can assist our own clients. Video interviewing is not skype or facetime. It is you, a screen, pre-determined questions and a timer. Some companies are using it to handle large volume recruitment but there are dangers. Yes via LinkedIn you can see peoples faces when you cross reference a CV, but a video interview is altogether more personal and how will employers guard against conscious and unconscious bias. Culturally the technique may not sit well with certain religious beliefs or cultural practices.

There is a danger of AI learning what is the best fit. Amazon had to ditch it when they realised the AI was discriminating against women who were underrepresented in the tech work force. As a result, AI was populated with male data and hence discriminatory. 

Companies have to be careful. In a full employment market, it is the candidate who chooses where they deploy their skills and ensuring a great candidate experience during the interview process is vital