It's astonishing to hear that productivity lasts less than half of the time we are actually at work for a general 9-5 job, and so it makes me wonder whether it always works? 

Rather amusingly this article shows that the second longest waste of time is spent looking for a new job - perhaps one that is more flexible than 9-5? 

Not only is the actual productivity an issue, it doesn't seem to make sense in our current climate. 

For parents for instance - isn't it more reasonable that adults finish work before they need to pick up their children?  Instead, they struggle to balance parenting on a part-time income or fork out for child support which honestly just sounds like a lose-lose. 

When I first joined the 'world-of-work' I questioned how people were expected to shop when 90% of retailers would shut up shop. But it isn't just retail therapy we miss out on. 

With most of us on a 9-5 it makes it much more difficult for office workers to; visit the doctors, take our cars for repair, or even visit the bank. These are only some of the things we have to s q u e e z e into our two-day weekend and stress ourselves out as a result. 

So, should employers make it easier for their staff to work flexibly?