The Women's World Cup tournament is on. That's right, the Women's World Cup. You see there are two World Cups, the World Cup and the Women's World Cup. FIFA hasn't evolved yet to the point of following the IAAF and point out the obvious there is one Olympics but a men's 100 metres and a women's 100 metres. It's not the 100 metres and the women's 100 metres. 

FIFA also say that the World Cup, men's and women's, is sold as a package so you can't value each separately. What rubbish, of course, you can just by looking at viewing numbers as it's predominantly a tv advertising gig.

Viewing figures for the men's tournament will be significantly more than the women's, not least that men are generally more interested in football.

So what about the gender pay gap in football. Well, that is where it can get a lot more complex as it's not the same and people working in a factory doing the same job. It's not the same for men against men as each Federation does its own thing.

If FIFA was transparent about how the commercial contracts are valued then there could be a sensible conversation about fair distribution of the proceeds.