No surprise that senior leaders feel like they can never switch off from work - with technology now allowing us to essentially be 'in' the office from any location, how do we find the boundaries and balance for work and life? 

For many the lines completely blur and I am definitely one of those individuals. I always have my work emails on my phone, check them multiple times a day - even on the weekend or when I'm on annual leave - and regularly take my laptop home at the weekend to get little things done so that I can keep up with my busy office life.

Switch-off time is so important in order to maintain productivity in the office, as well as to maintain a healthy outside-of-work life - who wants to spend time with someone constantly in work mode?? It all stops with a physical switch-off - stop accessing those emails at all hours and start focussing on other things.

But just how easy is that...not very, I can tell you!