So you use WhatsApp because its an encrypted platform and safe to use only to find out that Facebook left a large door open for hackers to exploit. 

What is also interesting is how few people seem to know that Facebook owns Whatsapp. It bought it for $19b in 2014. Zuckerberg is often quoted as saying he doesn't have an interest in the businesses he buys, it's the people behind them he acquires.

So WhatsUpp. Turns out that not only was it hacked but in usual Facebook fashion they didn't want to tell their customers and the update made no mention of being a fix to close a back door or that the customer may have been compromised.

Facebook allegedly have a $3b war chest ready to pay fines for data breaches. $3b is what they consider a worthwhile investment in building their data set. It would have been smarter to fine them for the data, ie the life long value of the data, paid annually.

Just remember what the co-founder of WahtsApp, Brian Acton, said about Facebook when walking away from $850m in unvested stock, "They just represent a set of business practices, principles and ethics, and policies that I don’t necessarily agree". 

Looks like data security is another of addition to the list and maybe people considering working for Facebook should consider business practices, principles and ethics whilst doing so.