You've worked hard to get where you are and if you are looking for progression, it’s likely that you have outgrown your current role. That is something to be proud of. It means that you have developed and are better at your job than you were before. That is an asset that, if your current company doesn't recognise, a new company will.

Asking for a promotion/looking for a new job and shouting about how great you are can be uncomfortable for many of us. Arrogance is never what you are aiming for but confidence in your skills and abilities instills confidence in employers. Why would they believe in you if you don’t?

As Rachel Montanez suggests, try writing a career gratitude list of your achievements, skill development and relationships. Not only will it give you a confidence boost, but it is great interview preparation.

It’s easy to feel defeated and doubt whether you are good enough when progression doesn’t come. When you understand your worth and have examples to back it up, your self-confidence can’t help but shine, knock-backs seem less important and you will have more patience in your job search until you find the progression you deserve.

Say it again, I deserve this!