"Revenue is vanity, Profit is sanity but Cash is reality" and "Cash is King" two well known saying from business and the former still rings very true. But in our lives what place is there for cash? What discount can you get for cash and do we dare ask the reason why?

The only place I know that doesn't take any form of digital payment is my local barber.

But these days that means a visit to the barber needs planning, 'have I got cash on me?' It's only £15 but so many people don't carry any cash anymore that they are losing drop in customers. 

Charity collection boxes are getting lighter by the day and in the last 10 years, cash payments have reduced from 64% to just 37% of all payments. 

With 83% of the population regularly using digital payment processes its just a matter of time until cash becomes pointless, although that will leave some without access to digital banking in real difficulties as banks withdraw from the high street.

Just another example of how technology enhances and disrupts our lives. What will 2050 look like?