This is a really interesting article, recounting nine things that certain successful people have in common.

I was expecting there to be more things that I don't actually do and, whilst there were some - mediating, knowing when to say 'no' - there weren't as many as I thought!

A couple I find integral to my daily routine - the two that resonated the most, getting up early and writing a To Do list. 

I've always been a natural earlybird so getting up at 6am every day doesn't impact me too much but a To Do list has been something that I've always found integral - if things are going off the boil, it's usually because I'm not keeping myself organised!

When I get into the office - usually one of first things I do after my early start is my To Do list to get my day off to a productive start! They are so useful and are a great way to round off a productive day, but planning another!