Oh what it must be like to live in a world full of honesty. Sadly planet earth is inhabited by brilliant people who create technological revolutions that others quickly hijack for devious purposes leaving the whole industry tainted. Online banking, contactless cards, programmatic advertising,  and now e-commerce are all under pressure. The latest expose is fake reviews which is why influencer marketing can take the space where consumers look for confidence before purchase. Anonymous reviews enable fraud. Whether on glassdoor or elsewhere. Even 'John from Weymouth' reviews can be a bot or the owner of the enterprise. 

Being paid to write fake reviews is the opposite of influencer marketing where the influencer has a brand to protect. Their brand is their asset as it drives their followers. Early influencers were journalists and in particular feature writers and critics. Now they can be found anywhere, you either subscribe to their values and thinking or you don't follow. So maybe its time to scrap all reviews and start seeking out relevant influencers in our particular areas of interest.