Fake it till you make it...Believe and you will achieve!  All mental inspiration that we mutter to ourselves till it has an effect, but is there a way we can instantly switch our mindset through body language? 

I have known about the power pose for a number of years and tell candidates before an interview or pitch if they are nervous or are lacking in confidence to try the pose. Assuming a "powerful" posture can induce positive hormonal and behavioural changes.  Is it all in your mind? Who knows but I find that this technique works for me and gets me in the mindset to smash any task I have ahead of me. 

Another technique is to smile, your brain can not differentiate between a fake smile and a real smile! So you can trick your mind into improving your mood and reducing stress instantly! 

I think looking through this list the main message and traits of "successful people" is self-care. Looking after your mental and physical well being. Modern day life is incredibly intense and we have constant distractions around us. Even switching off means turning on Netflix or scrolling through Instagram.  Take time to listen to your mind and look after yourself.