I get why warm weather might get people buying garden stuff online although by the time is arrives it may be colder again. Beauty products and warm weather must be a feel-good factor. Whilst we feel good about ourselves maybe we should consider our carbon footprint as UPS, Yodel, DPD and the many others appeal to our need for ease and convenience and deliver to our door.

Transportation overtook power generation as the top polluter a while ago. Our retail goods were previously transported from warehouses to shops. Of course, we had to get to the shop as well. One trip, many shops. Now they come directly to our door. Each online shop delivering to our doors. Many shops, many trips. In fact, you can buy many things in one online shop and they're delivered separately over time, equaling many trips.

The problem is we are all too lazy to change our behaviour, we like ease and convenience. Yet we complain about climate change.

And of course, thousands of jobs have been created in the eCommerce and digital marketing arena that are vital to the economy. So what to do?