In 2001 the Boston Globe invested time, resources and reputation into investigating paedophilia in the Catholic Church. The story of their work became an award-winning film, Spotlight. Naturally, the Globe wanted to sell newspapers and circulation increased as a result of such a major scoop. No such issues for Google, no investment, no research, just publish and take the ad revenue.

How about those soundtracks accompanying skateboarders self-made films on Youtube and Facebook. Somewhere a musician has spent hours creating that sound which is now used for free, published online with ads sold around it.

For years Google and Facebook have earned billions off the copyright of others. They have made their customer, you, responsible for copyright issues claiming they are a platform and you the user are the publisher.

Well, the devil will be in the detail but maybe those days are ending and platforms will now have to invest some of their enormous profits into recognising the true authors of content. 

The question is whether this will stifle creativity or enhance it.