According to PwC, gender equality in the UK is improving; we rank the highest in the G7 but that both businesses and government need to do more. 

I was thinking about this over the weekend, particularly in the wake of International Woman's Day and the #BalanceForBetter

I am really encouraged by the move to adapt more workplaces to the needs, for example, of working mothers, but I feel that, actually, men have less flexibility when it comes to work.  When I was returning to work after maternity leave, I was able to negotiate my working hours to accommodate the school run, and  reduce my days in the week to 4.  This is something that many of my female friends, female colleagues and female clients have also negotiated.

I do not know of any male colleagues, male friends or male clients who have been offered the same flexibility; it is just not something that happens. I can only think of two individuals that I know who have had extended or shared parental leave. 

So here's my radical suggestion - share the flexibility, have more people on 4 day weeks and see how this improves businesses and their success. Equality means everyone has the same opportunities.