A lot of time and effort can go into finding the best candidates to join your company so why waste it by not treating them as the best while they work for you. There is no quicker way to push a great employee on to a competitor than by making them feel undervalued.

When it comes to looking for their ideal company, we are increasingly seeing that a wide range of factors are important decision makers for candidates. It's not just about the title and pay anymore. Companies that recognise employees as people and celebrate their individual skills are winning out. As a result, these companies benefit from loyal and engaged employees likely to stay longer and produce a higher quality of work/better service for their customers. If you also offer a great work-life balance, flexible working arrangements and career development training as standard then you're onto a winner.

The moral of the story is, treat your staff like replaceable task-completing robots and you won't be keeping them very long or getting the best out of them for your business.