When looking for a job is all-consuming how do you stay positive and productive during this time? 

Job hunting is not only a process that affects the candidate is also involves their friends and family. It is always the go too topic of conversation and when someone is unemployed that adds increasing stress to an already stressful time in their lives. 

Taking time between your applications, interviews and searching is vital to help you stay motivated and ready to perform once the time comes to interview. 

A brilliant way to make sure that you are being supported in your job search is using a recruitment agency. At Aspire we meet all of our clients and candidates face to face to have a consultative and personal touch to recruitment, as, after all, it is all about people! 

The most important aspect I believe is obtaining feedback! On your CV, your career choices and how you perform in an interview as how else will you improve so that you get the role you really want! Something that we put a particular emphasis on.