Firstly I say this as a founder. All be it not quite on the scale of Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg or James Dyson. The sad thing for digital giants such as Facebook and Google is that they have brought the digital media sector into disrepute just as the Banks did to financial services a decade ago. There is a place for arrogance but also for humility. I wonder what all those Google and Facebook employees would do if their compensation packages were normalised with the rest of the sector. Would they remain great places to work because of market dominance? Could you just grin and bear the breach after breach of data privacy and the continued lack of responsibility to monitor the content on their channels whether it is self harming, terrorism and animal cruelty? I suspect that most employees feel they are far enough removed from the key decision making that it's not their fault. And lets face it both companies also have some great products and innovations with enormous budgets. Add that to a fat salary and carry on. Fortunately there are so many other alternative digital employers seeking great talent candidates with a moral compass have lots of options.