There are many accessible articles that give useful interview tips that can be reassuring to a certain degree. However, many simply throw too much information at the reader and can often make you even more nervous with your preparation. What many of the articles fail to mention is that whilst you may perfect your interview technique, it is imperative to figure out what your key requirements are for your next role, and what you are willing to compromise when searching for your new role.

The importance of keeping an open mind to potential employers is especially key in niche markets. It’s more than likely that you will have heard rumours regarding certain firms and practices that, understandably, could cloud your judgement surrounding the opportunity at hand.

In the small world of Intellectual Property, I would encourage attorneys to keep an open mind to all potential employers and opportunities. It’s extremely unlikely that every practice or industry department will tick every box in your search for the perfect role, but then the firm in question could be the right match for you in many other ways such as; culture, training and development as well as the type of work on offer.

From experience, one of the most useful tips is to keep your options open and consider every opportunity based on its individual merits.