With an expected turnover of £100m this year, 26 year old Ben Francis, founder of the sportswear brand Gymshark is an inspiration to many.

The light-bulb moment? This didn't happen over night.

While studying in Birmingham and delivering Pizza's, he worked on the solution to his problem - not finding gym wear readily available for him and his friends. It took him 2 years of back-to-back hard work until he was confident to focus on his company exclusively. 

Now, it might have been website one day, new product the next, or a combination of both but however he organised his focus, it all added up to a bigger picture, his goal. 

Taking inspiration from his dedication to his success, I wanted to share that it's okay not to achieve your ambitions by this time next week. It's okay that you've not completed the renovation of your house. It's okay that you didn't quite get the job you were hoping for...

...just don't lose that vision. 

So what should you do? Break it down. Make it manageable by thinking about the steps you need to make to reach your goal. I.e. - if you're aiming for a company of your own, ask yourself what you'll need to be successful. Maybe it's about resourcing skilled workers or to create a website of your own. Add it to your checklist and tick them off while you're doing your day-job, and slowly but surely, you will work yourself up.