Is it any surprise that recent research into university grades is showing that more and more students are achieving top grades?

Those choosing to attend university now, instead of perhaps taking more vocational courses or going straight into employment, are doing so and paying the most expensive fees ever asked for the privilege of doing so.

Whether or not this is actually a privilege is not my point, more-so that with the price of a degree increasing it is not surprising that so is its value amongst graduands doing their utmost to become graduates. 

When I went to university (in 2004 - gulp!) my degree, grade and career thereafter were a by-product - my main motivation for going was that I had always assumed I would and didn't need to fear being in debt for the majority of my working life to do so.

Personally, I think let's give the graduates paying to attend university the top grades if they achieve them. Instead of reassessing the boundaries, let's just assume that people are now working harder than before for the best classifications to ensure they have choices when leaving university...instead of just £30k of debt to pay off.