Documentary maker and broadcaster Louis Theroux believes marketing is an “unacknowledged art form”, the most intriguing aspect of which is its careful balance of “seduction and sales”.

Well, I always knew there was an art to my trade... but now the great Louis Theroux has said it surely that confirms it no? 

You may think we're no Picasso's, but I'm starting to see the connection. Marketing is an art, the creation of compelling narratives, intriguing copy and subtle seduction (thanks Louis). It's a masterpiece...

In this digital age, noise and volume are the highest they’ve ever been. It’s never been more important to hire someone who can find something unique within your business that resonates with your audience to increase conversions and drive leads.

If that sounds like something you're missing then you've come to the right place as we are currently working with many top marketing professionals.

Let's find your Picasso ey? 

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