If you are looking to bag yourself some top graduate talent, you might need to rethink your starting salary instead of assuming that the cream of the crop will be eager to work for you for what was once 'standard' in media - £18,000pa. 

With graduates now paying three times what I paid to go to university, they want to ensure they are going into roles that will both show value for the studies they have worked hard (and paid through the nose) to attain, as well as allow them to both survive and have a life (particularly those choosing to settle in London).

The average graduate salary across the sectors Aspire cover has shifted significantly from £18k seven years ago when I started out as a bright-eyed, bushy-tailed grad recruiter - to the lofty heights of £24-25k for the best in class nowadays.

So if you want to attract top talent, make sure the remuneration at the top of your job spec is good enough to attract the best instead of make them scroll to the next opportunity on offer! Best get a meeting with the FD into the diary...