I'm lucky that my boss and the head honchos at Aspire don't need 'reverse-mentoring', but for a lot of businesses this initiative is a great idea. The young and diverse workforce has so much to offer, and with this changing generation it can be difficult for the more...'traditional'...managers to adapt. 

Now, I don't just mean linguistically - although I'd like to give a shout-out to my fresh-faced colleagues for teaching me how to correctly use the word 'peak' outside of the mountain context. I mean that senior members of staff who might be stuck in their ways can gain a lot from understanding the majority of their workforce, not only learning new ways to work and to combat unconscious bias, but also getting to the bottom of how the new generation of employees works best and what they excel at. Where can they add value to your business that you would otherwise be struggling with? And this value is significantly more than just answering "Can you show me how to change the font in Word?" and "What's Pinstagramchat?".

A successful business relies on everyone working to their strengths, meaning appreciating and comprehending every level of those working for you is imperative. So, is your boss in need of reverse-mentoring? Mate, that's peak.