The most important day of the year for office workers is coming up next month. Brace yourselves.

No - not that surprise audit or the bi-annual clear out of your desk snack drawer(s). That excitement can wait.

...It's Bring Your Dog to Work Day!! That's right, on June 22nd, offices across the UK will be full of curious, destructive, mood-boosting pooches. Pawesome! (Sorry.)*

As we're currently mid-way through Mental Health Awareness Week, it gave me paws for thought (sorry)* about the positive benefits of animal therapy in the office. Work is most likely to be the reason for the majority of the stress in your life, so it's no surprise many companies are embracing office pets to help de-stress their employees. Scientifically proven to help workers who are feeling ruff (sorry)*, this one's a no-brainer. 

All initiatives to improve and support mental health at work is vital, and this is a particularly fun option. Now, time to approach our Top Dogs at Aspire (sorry)* to see if we can lead by example....

*Not really sorry