This is a particularly interesting summation of what it takes today in business to not only survive, but to grow your business and ensure you really succeed across any industry.

1. Having an authentic purpose with a strong emotional engagement and focus is critical.

2. Having a powerful brand with a sense of connection and influence over time. At Aspire, with over 26 years' heritage in our markets, we have a plethora of new content consistently that helps communicate what we do and how we do it, and keep our brand connected to our customers.

3. Collaboration - as often as it is "pleasing" to control everything, use people's expertise to enhance your business - taking on too much will destroy your focus.

4. Retaining your customers gives you credibility, increased profitability and accurate forecasts on your business projections. 

Other elements noted here are community and a model that requires repeat sales, however the glue to it all has to be flexible, adaptive leadership. Leaders need a degree of self-awareness, so they can understand when change is required and how to make it happen.