Google is reportedly going to go live with a YouTube music service and probably merge Google Play and YouTube together, which makes sense in so many ways that sometimes I wonder why this hasn’t been actioned yet.

YouTube, being a bigger, more recognisable brand, will now compete with Spotify and Apple Music in digital music streaming.

We shouldn't ignore the fact that Google has the benefit of a huge user base in YouTube and can also easily monetise music through its Google Home device as well, locking people to only using Google music services should they choose to or maybe making it a default option at the very least. It will be an interesting thing to see how free users of YouTube take up this new launch, and above all, we must not ignore Amazon with their Prime Music service and Alexa devices capturing the market swiftly.

The digital streaming market, both video and audio, are going to see a huge growth rate for the next few years, making it attractive for even more brands like Netflix.