Well I love London, and everything about it, except there are too many people and it's far too expensive to live there anymore...So as many do, Channel 4 has decided it's time to rethink where its home is - well, part of it - and are moving 300 out of its London headquarters of 800 staff.  

But to where? 

It's unclear, and with only 30 Channel 4 staff currently working outside of London, any UK major city has to be on the cards...

It's an economic no-branier to buy outside of the capital, and more and more young professionals are doing so. 

Birmingham, like many UK cities, has started its own Digital and Creative Hub: the Digital Canal, The Custard Factory and Innovation Birmingham to name a few initiatives.. 

Aspire have a Resource Centre for the UK - "Talent Hub" - so let's hope Channel 4 choose this second City in the Midlands for its new creative and broadcasting hub.