The digital media, advertising and marketing communications sector is in danger of missing the point of diversity. So much airtime is being dedicated to sexuality when others forms of diversity are being lost. 

Equal opportunity and equal reward for equal contribution is essential. But diversity is a lot more than sexual orientation. What is missing is the connection between what leaders such as Roth and Sorrell say and what actually happens at the coalface. If I had a pound for every time I have heard the phrase "I am sorry, they are really good but just don't fit the culture of the team" I would be a very rich person. "Fit" is often the word used to describe what is actually a prejudice. 

True diversity equals change. Change is scary and may result in missing this quarter's budget. So naturally hiring managers carry on doing what they have always done. What we actually need is employers creating inclusive working cultures and environments and now is the time to make the change by agreeing quotas. Quotas based on sex, race, neuro diagnoses and age, because talking about doing the right thing isn't the same as doing it.