I appreciate that one click technology has enabled candidates to apply to multiple jobs regardless of their suitability, but is the use of Artificial Intelligence, in particular the use of facial recognition technology, discriminatory? 

If the software is designed to pick up thousands of interpretations from facial expressions, tone of voice, expressions and the like then how does a candidate wearing a niqab, someone with a speech impediment or a neurodiverse candidate ensure they have an equal opportunity? 

While to some it's the future, for others it is dehumanising a process that is all about people. It certainly gives you a clue as to how that employer views people. What employers are at risk of forgetting is that in a candidate short market, the candidate experience has become the most important factor. 

I agree that some will see the new tech as cool and innovative. Many others will not and see it ironically as a faceless view of a potential employer. People are humans, not a commodity, although I suppose firms like Goldman Sachs are quite at home with commodities.