If you're an avid Facebook-user (or any social media user for that matter), you'll be aware of social network algorithms. 

You'll know that out of your hundreds of Facebook friends, it's the ones you interact with the most that dominate your newsfeed. This is because Facebook knows those are the people/publishers you're truly interested in; so it pushes you articles, photos and updates that will feed your attention and keep you on the platform for longer.

But it doesn't stop there. Look a little closer at your newsfeed. You'll notice it reflects your social and political views. In fact, you'll struggle to find articles that challenge your opinions. 

These heightened social media bubbles connect like-minded people together, Labour supporters with Labour supporters and Pro-Brexiters with Pro-Brexiters etc. - isolating them from others who hold alternative outlooks.

Perhaps it's why so many people misjudged the political outcomes of the EU referendum and US election. 

If you're constantly fed articles and updates supporting your own preferences then ultimately you're becoming more and more detached from the real world and opposing views.