The original boss (no, not Springsteen), Lord Sugar, has now chimed in on the gender pay gap issue. However, it is often not as simple as a woman just saying 'No, I want more money' as he states below. 

Gender pay disparity is something that is deeply ingrained in social learning and unconscious bias, for the most part anyway. There are still some people, unfortunately, who think that men are better than women and should be paid more. Pay should be related to talent, accomplishments and success in the workplace - never mind your gender. 

Thankfully, The Apprentice prize is the same for the male and female contestants, and interestingly this year there is an equal split with the same number of contestants for each gender. Steps like these - in the public eye and highly publicised - are important to help change perceptions, but it's likely to be a slow process, but one that is nonetheless still moving (even if it's at a snail's pace!).