This week, TFL unveiled their very own TravelBot dedicated to answering travel-related queries on social media, using Facebook Messenger - making them the latest brand to join the chatbot revolution. 

More and more companies are using clever chatbots to answer customer service enquiries. Success stories from brands like ASOS and Adidas have shown that this chatbot format is an efficient form of dealing with customers. Plus, it's a method that feels satisfying for the consumer, due to its personalisation, familiarity and speed!

TFL are forward-thinking in their approach. They've recognised that chatbots on a company website are an excellent way of dealing with customer requests and complaints. However, integrating them into a social platform (like Facebook Messenger), makes the customer experience more efficient - and speed is crucial when you're trying to find out where your bus is or for planning an alternative route to work.

Keeping users on a platform they spend their time on anyway, heightens user experience by eliminating the middle man, as customers no longer have to go to another site for queries. 

An efficient and easy user journey. Music to every brand's ears.