When everyone is tweeting away and sharing every aspect of their life, from their perfect flat white to their outfit of the day, when is the content you're creating making an impact? 

When moving from managing your own social media accounts to a business' account looking for effective, meaningful and unique content can be a struggle. Sharing pictures of your dog may not be as meaningful to your audience as it is to you. 

When initially starting to manage your business social media, bench marking is important. Scan what your competitors are doing in terms of content and tone. What social media channels work best for them? Are they getting audience engagement? If so, from what? 

Find out who is following them and would they be interested in what you have to offer, are they our target market also? 

Tip 3 in the article recommends using an automated system for consistency. Having scheduled post times at high traffic points of the day will increase the likelihood of your content being seen and engaged with, systems such as Hootsuite allow you to do this at scheduled times. 

I try to post between commuter times and office break hours. So when people are having a wee scroll shall see what I post. 

Tip 6 says to track and measure everything, something I barely do. I view how many people have viewed, shared or liked my post to see what works well within that space and to which audience. You can analysis the data of a post to see in depth how much engagement it has had at different times and by who so that you can target those people and focus on those times. This works well using LinkedIn to see which companies your audience are from, especially from a recruitment point of view. 

Making interesting content is one thing but making it truly effective from a marketing point of view is another. The key is understanding your audience, if you produce what they want then they will keep coming back for more.