Instagram has just announced the launch of Instagram albums, which allows a user to upload 10 photos or videos into one post. 

Surely this ruins the essence of Instagram? Facebook has long since been the platform that you expect to find albums of your friends' weddings and holidays taking up your feed, but Instagram has always been the place for the truly great picture! Brands such as National Geographic have made this into an art form, by using their global list of photographers and choosing the best ones to share on Instagram. So will the quality of posts be at risk now that the selection process doesn't have to be as thorough? 

Where someone might not have posted on Instagram before and instead created a Facebook album, they are now far more likely to share these moments on Instagram as well. Of course, increased engagement with the platform was probably the number one priority for Instagram, but I can't help but feel that they are sacrificing the users experience to achieve this. 

However, this might turn out to be a real opportunity for some brands. Thus providing the opportunity to showcase a range of products in one post; travel brands could showcase the 10 best places to go in an exciting country, or chefs could show all of the steps to follow in a recipe. To offer a counter-argument to the doubters (including me!), it could be the change that makes Instagram more engaging for users and ultimately for brands. After all, no one was happy about Instagram Stories, which are now a roaring success!