It's no secret about the power of Video as a tool for marketers. However, brands often struggle to fit video production into their marketing budgets as it can be an expensive exercise. So how can marketers make use of this powerful tool without breaking the bank? Answer: stop thinking like a film producer!

Who says your videos need to be nominated for a BAFTA and feature Ryan Gosling? All your video needs to achieve is matching your customers' needs to the video content that you're producing. Far more important than having the latest camera equipment to shoot the highest quality video, is that you think creatively. This involves establishing exactly who your target audience are and then creating an engaging way to meet their needs and move them towards completing your brand's call to actions. For example, through the use of humour or emotion. 

Let's face it, all videos have a limited window of popularity before they trail off. This is the case no matter what you spend on them. Marketers are now starting to catch onto this idea, meaning 2017 is set to see video production frequency increasing from brands, as marketing teams begin to produce a higher volume of inexpensive videos. The huge advantage of producing cheaper videos more frequently is that brands then have the opportunity to experiment with what sentiments really engages their audiences and what provides the best conversion rates. 

So, will 2017 be the year that video becomes part of your regular content production mix?