As a business in the recruitment industry we are always on the look out for the "best talent". Be it for our clients or ourselves, identifying who the right people to recruit continues to be the most important skill any recruiter can posses. 

However...should there be a wider emphasis on retaining top talent? In a world where reaching out to an individual is as easy as sending an InMail, it is vital our top people feel like they are achieving their goals with us and not for us.  

We have many examples of people who have grown within Aspire and enjoy massive success, as well as those (like myself) who have started, became a high performer, left but then actually returned as a more rounded individual to then contribute to the success of the company they still love.  

What I like about the Netflix model is that they have not reinvented the wheel, they have in fact implemented a strategy which is synonymous with sales professionals all over the globe. Top performers get rewarded (be it massive earnings, management opportunity or both!) and "low performers" move on. 

There is nothing wrong with processes and procedures, having a clear and defined structure, which illustrates what exactly needs to be done to progress.  Reward the best people, train,  develop and invest in your staff. Values that Aspire have held for 25 years. In a world where everything is about innovating, it is the simple principles that matter most.