In this day and age, where talent is in short supply, it is incredible that nearly 20% of mums have been forced to leave their roles.  Working mums (and dads) know that balancing performance, flexibility, delivering for yourself, team and company, plus responsibilities of your beautiful family can be exhausting and at times very stressful. 

Here are 3 tips to ensure success at that flexible application:

1. Ensure your proposal is clear and well thought through, however not extreme given your role and responsibilities.

2. Look for role models in your organisation that have made it work, and learn from them.

3. Suggest a trial and agree outcome clear deliverables you and you employer are happy with.

And I know I said 3...4th, try to ensure where possible you have some back up / flexibility yourself in childcare arrangements when needs must, so occasionally you have enjoy that glass of wine and celebrate with the team!  It can be isolating rushing to that pick up, so give yourself some you time too!