Be fascinating to understand how the BBC calculate the value of a presenter. Take Gary Lineker the highest paid on £1.75m for a weekly football show (38 weeks), major national football championships, the odd BBC covered final and I imagine a few other things. Does the BBC look at the ratings? Seems not when you consider that they surrendered The Great British Bake Off to keep MOTD even though the latter has half the audience yet cost the BBC eight times as much to acquire the rights. Do people watch MOTD to see their team? ie They would watch regardless of the presenter.  Or do they tune in to listen to the presenter and generously paid pundits? Alan Shearer nets £440k for adding his wisdom. How many football fans fast forward through the chat as they want to watch the football? 

It would be an easy job to fill at less than half the price. Present an established programme with a loyal following, loyal to their teams that is, and get to watch the sport you love.