Now this is a conversation the water cooler. Would employee's in certain industries be more productive knowing they have less time to do their work?  

Shorter working hours and creating a stronger work-life balance certainly works for other countries such as Germany, could it work for the UK. 

On average Germans work 35 hours per week yet maintain a high level of productivity and in tern steady economic growth. Surely that proves less time working creates refreshed motivated employees right? 

Within Sales positions when time is most certainly money can we afford to work less hours in the week. I believe that unfortunately in many industries work never really stops at 5pm on a Friday, a lot of us take our jobs home with us.  

I think the key is flexibility, not necessarily within hours as that can be unrealistic, but where and how you work. Changing up the environment and getting away from your desk definitely makes an impact on how I personally work and I feel energised. 

Aspire offer flexible working hours so you are completely planning out your own day and technically never late for work! They also have a fantastic work from home policy based on trust and accountability.