Does the perfect job exist? 

Unless you're a professional doughnut tester or five star hotel reviewer, I would argue a definite no here. But job satisfaction is no longer just reliant on your day-to-day tasks that your job role actually entails. It's also now important what hours and where you can do this role, as well as the people you work with and the culture the company and office exhibits. 

Companies aren't stupid and have cottoned on to the importance of 'culture', but this now seems to be a catch-all phrase that some businesses are misusing to celebrate their 'benefits': measly minimum holiday allowance and (legally required) pension contributions. Culture, this is not. Culture is not something that can just be created - it must be grown and believed in, with all employees buying in and senior management rolling out culture changes in the understanding that they will do the company good and move the business forward - not just to tick a box with some beanbags and a beer fridge that's locked until 4pm on a Friday.

When you're job hunting, take care to identify true office cultures that define a business, their decisions and their hires - and make sure you're not falling for the culture con some companies are advertising. It's more than skin-deep - do your research and more importantly talk to current employees. If something sounds too good to be true, it usually is.